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A minor disclaimer about photos

I am a crap photographer. For reals, it takes me 437 pictures to get one photo that's usable. There will be random cat hair (thanks Milo!), weird reflections (you try to take a picture of something that's SUPPOSED to reflect light...GAAAAAAHHHH) and general weirdness (I photographed thru peanut butter the other day..shut up). I have a fancy camera but somehow all the sudden every picture now has THE LIGHT OF A THOUSAND SUNS shining in it. 

In summary; I can re-set rhinestones the size of an atom and dig out patina under a magnifying glass with dental tools, yet still manage to take a picture of my shoe instead of an earring.....occasionally. 


Seriously. WTF with this picture. It's both too dark and too light at the same time and out of focus. *facepalm*

p.s.s.  also crap at video.